Visitors from Myanmar – a day full of knowledge exchange and laughs!

Last week youth leaders from Myanmar came to visit the Sunflower House to exchange the knowledge about prevention programme regarding human-trafficking.


The main purpose with the visit was for the youth leaders to get the chance to ask girls of the Sunflower House and P’Too questions about how the shelter operates in order for them to get knowledge and inspirations to help their own communities.


It was a great opportunity for the girls to train their skill on speaking in front of an audience and with their own words answer questions that they got asked – a great exchange in other words!


Our HIV project partners from the Huay So subdistrict was with us to speak about their work with HIV prevention and education in safe sex. The youth leaders also got a chance to have their questions regarding this subject answered and will pass their new knowledge along in their communities.



The day ended with a delicious lunch prepared by P’Malee and a beautiful performance of traditional Burmese dance by our visitors. Thank you so much for your visit, you are welcome back here anytime! 



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