Workshop with American friends!

Last year, our friend Ajarn Cathy who is a professor from the University of Minnesota came to visit the Sunflower House with a group of students – and this year we were happy to host another group and to meet Cathy again, such a wonderful woman!

Since 2006 she has taken groups of University of Minnesota students to Northern Thailand for a 3-week immersion experience on Thai culture, with the main focus on global change, communities, etchnic identities, enviromental issues and other issues that impact families such as human trafficking.


See and Seeda had prepared a presentation about the different etchnic groups that the girls from the Sunflower House represent. The presentation lead to invite the girls to present themselves in English and was followed by one of the girls favorite activity – music performance. One of the Minnesota students also had a song to perform and it really left the whole room in goosebumps and was much appreciated!399

After being paired and introduced to a buddy, the workshop held by P’Kam began. The task was to make a notebook with the theme of something important, with a quote that’s close to the heart decorating the book. The creativity was flowing and we had so much fun!

We had the two most famous Thai noodle dishes for lunch – Pad Thai and Pad Seew, yummie! The girls got to read the poems they wrote the other day with P’Juliette out loud followed by notebook swapping – so much excitement!

Thank you so much for this wonderful day! We hope to see you all again, our new American friends! 



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