Friday night dinner at the Sunflower House!

Food is one of the best things to enjoy in life according to many of us here at the Sunflower House. Not only is it important as a fuel for your body, it’s also about learning about different cultures, tastes and cooking techniques. Cooking brings us together and is also a great tool for team building!


When Jun and Gaysorn went to America they had pasta Alfredo and loved it! They asked P’Juliette if she could teach them – said and done. If you’re ever in Chiang Khong and want a good plate of pasta you know which house to visit!

In the same way as our volunteers teach the girls about European cuisine the girls teach them to make papaya salad and other delicious Thai foods – cultural exchange is a beautiful thing!

The big question around the table during dinner was what they preferred the most; pasta Bolognese or Alfredo? Well – let’s just said that the opinions were a bit divided…


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