LitClub & the River of our lives

Once a week the girls the girls have LitClub – something that is much appreciated and inspiring to be a part of. The idea behind LitClub is to create a safe space for children to share their ideas and stories, outside the formal school setting.


Last week’s LitClub the girls got a task to draw the starting source of a river on one side of the paper, and then how the river continues all the way down to the end of the other side. At the source they were asked to put down the date of their birth, and at the end a drawing of themselves today.

This created a timeline of their lives, and on the sides of the river they were asked to draw important things and events that they feel have made an impact on who they are today.

To sit down and think about where you started and where you are today is not an easy task. It really makes you realize how far you’ve come and the lesson to be learned is that the river and it’s surroundings can look really different for everyone; but it has made us who we are today.

This LitClub day was all about letting the girls expressing themselves with confidence and to respect each other by listening and learning from the experiences being told. It also gave them a deeper understanding for not only themselves, but for each other.

The girls at the Sunflower House may come from different backgrounds and experiences, but they all share one common goal – to keep making progress in themselves but also to be the change that they want to see in their own communities.

To listen to the girls stories about how they became the strong women that they are today, even though there has been some obstacles in their way, was truly inspiring and beautiful!


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