Girl Rising

DSCF3683The Sunflower House had visitors from Girl Rising all the way from America some weeks ago. The girls got to watch two short movies that they have made about gender equality and the importance of education of young girls. After the movies the girls got to take part in a focus group where they discussed what they liked, disliked and also their opinions regarding the subject.

It was amazing to hear the thoughts of the girls and how they are confident to speak their mind. They also had alot of wise things to say regarding the subject and it really proves how lucky we are to have this generation to be the descision makers of the future.

After the focus group it was time for some small talk before the team of Girl Rising left. The girls really enjoyed the evening and were also given a DVD of the full movie. It has been really useful here at the shelter since we sometimes pick a short story and have our own focus groups together.


Thank you so much, and welcome back!

Read more about Girl Rising and their amazing work here


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