Life Skills

CRPC takes a holistic approach to child development – each weekend the girls who live at our shelter (as well as other children who we invite from the community) come together to take part in activities designed to improve their quality of life, health, physical, personal and emotional development.

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Residents at CRPC’s shelter for girls have a wide range of opportunities to try their hand at various skills, including vocational training, personal development and life skills activities. There are many opportunities to get involved in special events such as campaign days, study trips or outings, and the girls receive additional education on important topics such as human rights, sexual health and human trafficking.

Activities include: cooking, art, literacy, English language, sexual health education, music, recycling, up-cycling, handicrafts, computer skills, internet safety awareness, local study tours, trips to cultural heritage sights, photography, film-making, and many more. If you live in Thailand and have an idea, skills or resources which you want to contribute to our life skills sessions, please contact us.