Meet the team

CRPC runs on a very small staff, including long-term volunteers and a handful of local women with invaluable local expertise which helps to keep our operating costs low.


Puangthon Takan, Director

Born in Chiang Khong, Puangthon Takan has worked in Child Safety, Human Trafficking Prevention and NGO management for over 20 years. Previously working with DEPDC, she is the founder and director of CRPC. The management and project work of CRPC is informed by her knowledge and experience of living and working in the region.

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Malee Kammongkon, Project Officer

Malee was originally a resident at the shelter herself. She is a live -in member of staff at the Shelter for Girls, taking responsibility for the residents as well as the general running of the organization. She also carries out project work, including facilitating workshops. She enjoys learning new things – from film-making and photography, to English language, and tour guide skills.




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