HIV Prevention and Sexual Health Education

HIV is an important problem in Thailand. Whilst Anti-retro-viral drugs are available at no cost, many people in poor, remote areas may lack access to sexual health education, may lack information about the availability of medication, and may be reluctant to get tested due to the stigma around the disease. (UNAIDS)

Educating local people on the risks and prevention methods of HIV is the first step to eradicating the virus. CRPC aims to create stronger, longer lasting impacts by harnessing the leadership potential of local youth.

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Kiang Rim Khong

Since 2016 CRPC have been working with Kiang Rim Khong, our partners and local experts on sexual health.  Together we have trained youth leaders to reduce the risk of HIV among their peers by educating them about prevention methods, promoting awareness of high risk behaviors, and challenging stigma surrounding HIV.

These youth leaders work directly with members of the community who are HIV positive, and more than 90 families affected by HIV. Project officers provide counselling and testing for those at high risk, and help connect new cases to local health resources.


In addition, staff and youth leaders have created five service centers to encourage community discussion, featuring educational seminars on HIV prevention, domestic violence, sexual violence, family planning, teen pregnancy and support for people who are HIV positive. These centers will also promote HIV prevention by providing free condoms and access to other resources.

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