Emergency Cases


we work to support people who suffer domestic violence

CRPC helps vulnerable children and families who have experienced domestic violence, or other forms of abuse

Unexpected circumstances can lead to a sudden need for such basic things as safe shelter, food, money, health care or legal protection. CRPC staff have a long history of working with people in emergency situations, working closely with local networks, support teams and local authorities. When an emergency case is reported to CRPC, staff visit and conduct interviews to assess how best to help.

CRPC assists by providing basic necessities, financial assistance and/or emergency shelter for children escaping dangerous situations. CRPC also connects vulnerable people with important services that they might not otherwise be able to access. Your donations help us to support children, families and individuals who need emergency support.

If you see/suspect a case of child abuse, domestic violence (including emotional or financial abuse), or human trafficking: do not stand by, do not delay.

Call the One Stop Crisis Center Hotline

 1300 – Free within Thailand, 24 hours a day

(Don’t let language be a barrier to helping people in need – if you don’t speak Thai, please ask a Thai friend or colleague to translate for you)