Chiang Khong Sunflower House

The Sunflower House is a full-time home for girls who are most vulnerable to Human Trafficking, at serious risk of dropping out of school, and being subject to exploitation.

CRPC recognizes education as one of the most fundamental child rights. Sadly, it is all too often the case that poorer, more vulnerable children in rural areas of Thailand, drop out of high-school due to the financial burden of transportation and other related costs. (OECD, 2013)

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It is widely acknowledged that education (particularly of girls) is a strong force for positive social change. CPRC provides a stable, secure and supportive shelter. Since 2006 it has been home to more than 50 girls, and has an excellent track-record in proving that with a safe home environment and access to education, the girls are much less likely to be trafficked or subject to other forms of exploitation.

At the Sunflower House our girls receive:

  • full time accommodation in a safe, supportive environment
  • access to government school education and further education
  • all living expenses and necessities covered (food, clothing, school supplies, uniforms, transportation etc.)
  • vocational training, personal development and life skills activities
  • LitClub: weekly literacy based story sharing sessions in a safe space
  • special events such as campaign days, trips or outings
  • additional education on human rights, sexual health and human trafficking
  • involvement in a wide range of holistic activities designed to improve their quality of life, health, physical, personal and emotional development


Since May 2016, our shelter has been sponsored by Friends of Thai Daughters. They also support our sisters at the Sunflower House in Chiang Rai. Without the support of our Sunflower family, we would not be able to give our girls this chance to finish their education.