In May 2016, residents at our Shelter for Girls started an exciting new project. Each week they come together (with an additional 3 girls who live off-site) to form a LitWorld LitClub.

The idea behind LitClub is to create a safe space for children to share their ideas and stories, outside the formal school setting. Our shelter’s sponsors, Friends of Thai Daughters, introduced us to LitWorld‘s curriculum: “Sessions are structured around LitWorld’s 7 strengths, or foundational ideas that we believe guide children’s understanding of themselves and the world: belonging, curiosity, friendship, kindness, confidence, courage, and hope.” Unlike conventional schooling, LitClub is centered around building on the abilities of children, rather than identifying some lack and trying to fill that gap.

Friends of Thai Daughters (FTD) sponsor LitClub for the residents at both of their Sunflower Houses (here in Chiang Khong, and in Chiang Rai town). The two groups are the first LitWorld LitClubs in Thailand and meet regularly for fun recreational events and non formal study trips.