Women for Change



CRPC often support Center for Girls, our close partners, who are leading this project to:

  • Train women leaders in the community
  • Raise awareness about domestic violence
  • Create a watchdog in the community

Investing in the development, empowerment and capacity building of women has shown to have positive results not only for the women involved, but also for their children and communities.




village leader

One of the original Women for Change Pilot Project Participants (left) celebrates being elected as village leader, April 2017 


Women for Change is now in it’s second of five years. Already, the impacts can be seen:

  • More women in local leadership positions
  • Cases of Human Trafficking reported
  • Greater awareness of the many forms of Gender Based Violence, and of local and national laws
  • Women representatives in every village from in the target area for the first two years
  • Data gathered by local people about the extent violence in the community
  • Women who have taken part in the project are working together to start their own businesses, or new professional roles and are taking on new roles in their families


This project is funded by Diakonia, and led by Center for Girls



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